PHOTO: Cindy Sanyu is Pregnant?



News reaching Hotmuziki has it that Cindy Sanyu many be pregnant.

This may sound so intriguing but we are sorry, she doesn’t have any established hubby currently that we all know but she may be carrying a germinating seed.

All this was sparked off by a disturbing picture of Cindy squatting somewhere she was performing and what shocked us was her bulging tummy that caught our attention and settled on the verdict that she swallowed a seed.

But her close friend who also had not noticed the slowly bulging tummy of Cindy, asserted that Cindy is not involved in any relationship currently due to the sour experience she has about relationships, but also affirmed that Cindy is a human being and not barren.

“Cindy is normal just like other people, what I know she is not in any relationship currently because she got tired up but that can’t stop her to get pregnant if she wants after all she is not barren we all know that” a friend that preferred anonymity asserted to us in an exclusive talk. Cindy what is up king are we becoming uncles and aunties soon?

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